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  • Stuffed Mushroom Caps

    April 28, 2015thecoffeebreak

    I kind a have love / hate relationship with mushrooms. I remember few years ago I used to eat them quite often. But when I was pregnant with my son, I absolutely hated any kind of mushrooms. So I stopped buying them for almost a year. If you think I am kidding, than you are wrong. There was no mushroom in my kitchen for a year. None, zero, zilch.  I just could not stand them. Crazy, isn’t it?     I do regret it now, because of it my daughter now do not eat mushrooms at all, but prior that she loved eating my creamy mushroom soup at least once every other week. I do hope she grows out of it and she will eat…

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  • Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Marscapone Frosting

    April 17, 2015thecoffeebreak

     Even though I am totally chocolate and caramel cake kind a girl, in spring I crave fresher and lighter desserts. More fruity, zesty and lighter in texture. Lemons are must-have in any kitchen as they are such a versatile fruit.…

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  • Chicken Fillet Patties

    April 14, 2015thecoffeebreak

    I am always on look out for a new dinner recipes, because let’s be honest, from time to time I feel like I am stuck in a circle by cooking same type of dinner over and over again.  I do…

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  • Apple Ring Fritters

    April 9, 2015thecoffeebreak

    You know how they say :An apple a day keeps doctor away. Well who said in what form this apple should be eaten, right? Ok, maybe it is better to eat it fresh, but let’s forget about it for the…

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  • Courgette and Aubergine Chutney

    April 7, 2015thecoffeebreak

     Recently my local store had sale on courgettes. They were pretty cheap, so my greedy inner voice told me it would be good idea to buy whole lot of them. And I listened.  So there they were, sitting in the…

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  • 5 Must-have Items to Keep in the Freezer

    April 2, 2015thecoffeebreak

    On days when you are running like a headless chicken and trying to run your errands, keep children happy and think what to cook for dinner, it’s always handy to keep a few basic ingredients in your freezer to make…

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