• Stuffed Mushroom Caps

    April 28, 2015thecoffeebreak
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  • Onion Bhaji

    September 13, 2010thecoffeebreak

    This tasty Indian bhaji or simply onion fritters are a must as an accompaniment to curry or any other Indian meal. Can be served as a side dish or an appetizer but I love it as a snack – simply delicious!   Prep time : 15 min Total time : 30 min (Serves  4) Ingredients: …

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  • Gnocchi

    August 19, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Gnocchi, pronounced as nee-okkee, are soft dumplings and can be made from semolina, wheat flour or potato. Gnocchi are usually eaten as appetizer and can be garnished with tomato sauce, pesto or just butter. Enjoy! Prep time : 60 min Cooking time : 20-30 min (Serves 4) Ingredients: 800 gr – 1 kg potato, peeled…

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  • Hummus

    July 3, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Hummus is one of the favourite dip in the Middle East. Usually served with toasted pita bread or with vegetable crudités and makes very good and healthy appetizer or snack. (Makes about 400g) Ingredients: 400 gram can of chickpeas 60 ml liquid from can of chickpeas 2 tablespoons tahini 1 garlic clove, minced 5 tablespoons…

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  • Cheesy Bites

    June 15, 2010thecoffeebreak

    (Makes approx 15-20) Ingredients: 140 gram all purpose flour 90 gram butter or margarine 60 ml cold water 60 gram of grated cheese Pinch of salt Method: In a large bowl sift flour and salt; add butter or margarine. Use your fingertips to rub butter into the flour until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Use cold…

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  • Vinegret Salad

    June 9, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Vinegret is Russian salad consisting of cooked vegetables such as beets, potatoes and carrots and usually served as an appetizer. Classic vinegret salad is dressed with sunflower oil but it could be substitute with mayo. (Serves 4) Ingredients: 2 large beets 3 large potatoes 3 medium carrots 3 pickles 1 small onion Salt, pepper to…

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