• World Bread Day and Nutty Apricot Breakfast Loaf

    October 16, 2010thecoffeebreak

    This is 5th Edition of World Bread Day, which takes place on the 16th of October and is hosted by Zorra of 1x umrühren bitte. There are no restrictions what kind of bread to bake – it’s all up to you. Or if you don’t want to bake then you can buy your favourite bread…

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  • Peach Yogurt Crumble Muffins

    May 26, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Very moist and very tender muffins that you and your loved ones can enjoy as a special breakfast treat with or simply indulge with an afternoon tea or coffee. (Makes 6) Ingredients: For muffins: 150 gram flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon of salt 90 gram sugar Zest of one orange 75 gram melted…

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  • Poached eggs on a bed of fried mushrooms and Country White bread

    April 9, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Poaching eggs are the healthiest way to prepare eggs as you do not need any butter or oil. The fresher the eggs, the better. Fresh egg whites will neatly gather around the yolk, but older eggs likely to spread out in the water which makes poaching a bit messier. But it does not mean they…

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  • Just a little something for Sunday morning…

    March 20, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Method: Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Heat up frying pan over medium heat, melt butter. With a knife or shape cutter cut out any shape you fancy, but just bear in mind it has to be big enough to fit the egg. Place bread to the frying pan and brake eggs to cut out…

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  • Scrambled Eggs with Tomato Wedges

    March 15, 2010thecoffeebreak

    For as long as I can remember I find Mondays the worst day of a week. There always so much have to be done and not enough time to do. Or that’s only me? Maybe you have any advice or tips how to get through Mondays? This breakfast is ready in 10 minutes and great…

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  • Frittata

    March 14, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Ingredients: 4-5 eggs ½ onion, chopped 1 tomato, chopped 100 gr mushroom, chopped 3-5 slices of cooked chicken, or any other meat you like 50 gr of zucchini, sliced or chopped 4-5 tb spoon of milk 30 gr cheese Salt, pepper Oil Method: Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Heat up oil in a skillet.…

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