• Courgette and Aubergine Chutney

    April 7, 2015thecoffeebreak

     Recently my local store had sale on courgettes. They were pretty cheap, so my greedy inner voice told me it would be good idea to buy whole lot of them. And I listened.  So there they were, sitting in the fridge and waited for their fate. I have to say I had no idea what…

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  • Beet Hummus

    October 24, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Colourful and healthy beet dip, great alternative to regular hummus. Enjoy! Prep time : 10 min Cooking time : 0 min (Serves 2-4) Ingredients: 4 medium cooked beets, cubed 2 tablespoon tahini paste 1 garlic clove, minced 4 tablespoons lemon juice ½ teaspoon red paprika 4 tablespoon olive oil plus extra for drizzling Salt, pepper…

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  • Basic Mayonnaise Recipe

    August 29, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Once you’ve tried homemade mayonnaise you will never go back to store-bought. Easy to make and is so versatile. For example, add 2 small garlic cloves and you will have your own Aioli; or mix with 2 teaspoons of curry powder and viola you have curry mayo. So try, experiment and enjoy!    Prep time…

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  • Hummus

    July 3, 2010thecoffeebreak

    Hummus is one of the favourite dip in the Middle East. Usually served with toasted pita bread or with vegetable crudités and makes very good and healthy appetizer or snack. (Makes about 400g) Ingredients: 400 gram can of chickpeas 60 ml liquid from can of chickpeas 2 tablespoons tahini 1 garlic clove, minced 5 tablespoons…

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  • Guacamole

    March 16, 2010thecoffeebreak

    (Serves 2) Ingredients: 1 ripe avocado 1-2 cloves of garlic, minced 1-2 tb spoons of olive oil 1-2 tb spoons of lemon or lime juice Salt, pepper Method: Cut avocado in the half and remove stone. Take out flesh of avocado and mince it with a fork until smooth. Add garlic and lemon or lime…

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